Adrien Brody

Both look just like daddy.


Mom… the tie? Really???

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What the heck is that?

Simon Cowell

I can imagine how this would go:

Simon (in British superior accent)  “Are you an idiot? Why didn’t you flush the toilet? Loser pets don’t flush toilets. It’s true. What did you think, I’m on America’s Got Talent just to father an incompetent, stupid bag of fur?”

The bachelor finale

It was a ‘party’ at my pad the other day. My owner and our friend cooked dinner and drank wine (supposedly I’m too young for the later, really?) to prepare for some boring, non-amusing show called The Bachelor. Again I say boring. There was nothing in that show for me…so I just slept for 3 hours!!

Why are Laptops so difficult? Seriously. Glad I have an assistant!

Sleeping beauty

True, sleeping beauty was some girl in the storybooks, but if you knew the real sleeping beauty, you’d know it was me.  It’s a real daydream unlike yours which is composed of a laptop, probably a cubicle, uncomfortable chair, and a longing to be outside to play. Don’t hate.

My first bar

On a day where I was suppose to be lounging, my owner decides to run some errands…with me. Oh boy. She carried me in her fancy pancy bag to a pet store. Whatevs. Then bought a stupid harness so then I had to walk on my own.

And since I could walk on my own, I could go to the bar with her and her bad influence friends (see’ friends’ below). How classy. Tuesday at 3:00PM with wee wee pads, dog treats, her bad influence friends, and me.

My first bar. Of course people loved me. Next.

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