I’m chilling in my first week at my new home. Ecstatic to get away from that annoying pet shop containing a bunch of unruly undesirables interrupting my hourly naps. Get a clue. It only took less than a week before someone scooped me up since arriving from my long journey, Nebraska —-> New York. In case I won’t be able to write a letter (my owner never has stamps), I would like to say so to my parents Cole and Alexus:

Thank you for making me so handsome and moving me to New York where I can get into the biz at such an early age! I’ll be more famous than Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Old Yeller, the Taco Bell chihuahua without a name, and the best of them. My owner will ensure sure fame does not get my head at such an early age (ehem, Marley and…whatever) by continuing to keep me humble in this so called neighborhood Williamsburg. I will TRY to be on my best behavior, although I doubt my silly owner will ever be able to train me effectively. After all, I am a Shiba Inu!

Love and yours truly,

Mr. Fox

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Halle Berry

Which bitch is fiercest? I know my answer.

Paris Hilton + clan

Do you have a dog per every billionth dollar?  Also Paris, I’m starting to notice when you don’t have a guy next to you, you have an animal friend. Can’t you just be content paying the paparazzi to follow ONLY you, Solo Johanssen-style? Listen to me, you are enough. Get it together.

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